Medical Malpractice Lawyer Philadelphia Names The Most Common Medical Errors

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More and more people are turning to medical malpractice lawyer Philadelphia for help in pursuing medical malpractice cases.  The ranks of organizations such as the Medical Malpractice Trial Lawyers Association are swelling. This seems to indicate that there are much more cases of medical malpractice going on than most of us realize.  With the complexity of the jobs of people involved in the medical profession there is a lot of areas where mistakes can be made which could injure, damage or even kill patients.

The top medical malpractice lawyer Philadelphia has observed that there are just a few general categories of health care errors that lead to majority of the lawsuits.  There appear to be areas of medical practice which are more prone to error than others.  Among them are:

a)       Errors involving the administration of medicine:  A doctor may prescribe the wrong medicine, or an incorrect dose (higher or lower than necessary).  There are instances when the doctor prescribes the right medicine in the correct amounts but a nurse administers either the wrong medicine or the correct medication in an incorrect (too little or too much) amount.  Wrong medication not only allows an illness to worsen, it may lead to additional medical problems.  Too little medication exacerbates a medical condition while taking too much medicine can result in varying degrees of adverse reactions.

b)       Mistakes in diagnosis:  Misdiagnosing an illness either leads to an incorrect treatment being administered or for treatment to be withheld, thus allowing the patient’s condition to worsen.  A delay in diagnosing an illness delays treatment, allowing the disease or medical condition to worsen sometimes to an extent where treatment is unable to save the patient.

c)       Errors in administering anesthesia:  If the patient’s history is not properly investigated, the wrong kind of anesthesia may be administered.  A mistake in dosage may also prove fatal in the worst cases.  Equipment error, improper monitoring of the patient’s vital signs and incorrect intubation of patients also cause injury during anesthesia administration.

d)       Surgery errors:  So many errors are possible such as leaving instruments inside patients, amputating the wrong limb, or removing the wrong organ.  An incorrect cut may cause severe bleeding, paralysis or even death.

e)       Errors during childbirth:  There are two people who may be harmed by errors during childbirth; the mother and the infant.  Errors during childbirth may cause broken bones, brain damage, hemorrhaging, and even death of the mother, the infant or both.  These may be due to failure to anticipate complication, failure to promptly respond to fetal distress, failure to recognize the need for caesarean section and improper use of forceps or vacuum extractor can damage the baby’s limbs and sometimes the head as well.

f)         Plastic surgery procedures:  This is another area of medical practice that often results in calls to Philadelphia medical malpractice lawyer.  Botched surgery that is supposed to enhance one’s appearance is one of the most common complaints.  Though errors here seldom affect more than a person’s appearance what constitutes a successful reshaping has always been a contentious issue.

Whatever type of error by a medical professional, the top Philadelphia medical malpractice lawyer is there to make sure the victim gets appropriate compensation.